Organisation Emmental Tourism

Sponsoring organization - Regionalkonferenz Emmental

The Regionalkonferenz Emmental promotes tourism in the Emmental. It is an umbrella organisation for the 42 municipalities in the Emmental, responsible for binding regional co-operation. The Regionalkonferenz Emmental is a corporate municipal body and a legal entity in its own right.

As well as tourism and regional marketing, the core role of the Regionalkonferenz is to coordinate and undertake other public tasks on behalf of the Emmental's municipalities. These tasks include regional planning and development (regional policy), transport, agglomeration, education/culture/society and economic promotion.


Förderverein Emmental

Financing for tourism and marketing promotion in the Emmental is raised through an annual contribution from all the municipalities belonging to the Regionalkonferenz, and by the Förderverein Emmental (Emmental association).

Tourism service providers (natural and legal entities) pay for the marketing services provided by Emmental Tourism through their Förderverein Emmental membership fees. These funds flow directly into promoting tourism in the Emmental.

The Emmental Tourism office is run in accordance with a service agreement with Emmental Tours AG. The operational management of tourism in the Emmental is the responsibility of tourism co-ordinator Isabelle Simisterra.