Emmental Versicherung

Small and select

The emmental versicherung, a small and select customer insurance cooperative, offers sound insurance services to the rural areas of Switzerland.
The insurance company has a strong regional network of branches and a deep connection with the Emmental region.
More than 55,000 private customers, SMEs and farmers rely on the insurer, both in good times and in bad.
Run as a cooperative, its customers enjoy a risk-free share of the company's profits.

Tailor-made customer solutions

The emmental versicherung is a property insurance specialist, offering attractive products at fair prices.
With a series of package solutions, designed for private customers, SMEs and farmers, customers can combine all their insurance needs within a single policy.
This helps create transparency and excludes the risk of double insurance.

emmental versicherung plays a prominent role in agricultural insurance.
Farmers profit from attractive products, developed especially for agricultural enterprises, plus the support of experienced insurance advisers.
The insurance company focuses on the needs of the customer, with new and innovative products offering comprehensive insurance protection for solar power installations and holiday rental properties, for example.