Getting here

The Emmental

The Emmental region, known in Bernese German as Ämmitau, is a rolling landscape in the canton of Bern, in the heart of Switzerland. The unspoilt landscape features gentle ranges of hills, woods, the Emme and Ilfis rivers, and many small settlements. The Emmental is also known for its world's famous Emmental cheese, still produced in the Emmental to this day.

The Emmental invites visitors to hike through its unique landscape, take a wide variety of e-bike tours and enjoy other natural highlights. There's also something for everyone interested in history and local culture: there's the story of the baptist, the stories of Jeremias Gotthelf or Simon Bichsel, ghost stories from the mystical valleys, the history of Emmental cheese, Emmental's castles and traditional handicrafts.

Enjoy true hospitality in Emmental's guesthouses. Choose from hearty regional cuisine, or a modern interpretation of traditional delicacies. Emmental holiday apartments offer accommodation with high levels of comfort and the chance to be independent. The hotels in the Emmental are beautifully furnished and welcoming, a great place to relax.

Arrival by train

It's easy to reach the Emmental by public transport. The Emmental is linked by a good network of regional trains and buses. Burgdorf, Emmental's largest city, is only a 15 minute train ride from Bern.

For travel schedules, train tickets and other Swiss railway services (SBB), please visit their website:

Arrival by car

It is also easy to reach the Emmental by car. Leave the A1 motorway (the motorway running through Switzerland from East to West) at the Kirchberg exit. Burgdorf is only 10 minutes away from here.

The turnings into the Emmental are marked with the following signs in all directions.